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Reassessments of products in SundaHus Material Data

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Reassessments of products in SundaHus Material Data

At the end of week 19, we will carry out automatic reassessments of products in SundaHus Material Data in order to implement SundaHus' new criteria 6.1.7.

The new criteria entail an adjustment of the criterion for environmental hazards with harmful long-term effects in the aquatic environment, chronic category 3. This change means that products with substances classified as environmentally hazardous with harmful long-term effects in the aquatic environment - chronic category 3, will no longer lead to C- but instead block an A-assessment.

In addition to the implementation of the criteria, the following changes will be included in the reassessments:

  • technical implementation of the new PRIO criteria that have been expanded with substance groups and new properties (substances classified with H351, H361, H362 are linked to priority risk reduction substances, fluorinated greenhouse gases, PFAS substances and H334, H317a to phase-out substances).
  • other general adjustments, e.g. the addition of worst case substances for plastics / rubber, such as stabilizers, flame retardants and other additives
  • validity checking on residual monomer certificates
  • addition of endocrine disruptors listed on ECHA's candidate list to our criteria

A summary of the results of some of the assessment changes that will take place are as follows:

  • Some products will receive a better assessment due to our adjustment of the criterion for environmental hazard with harmful long-term effects - chronic category 3. This includes electrical installation products, light fixtures and floors of plastic and rubber that previously received C- only due to this criterion. For those products that have substances with other properties that can give C- (such as plasticizers and flame retardants), the assessment letter C- can remain.
  • Some products containing highly fluorinated material (eg PTFE, PVDF lacquer and viton rubber) will receive a C-rating (mainly HVAC valves, pumps and solar cells).
  • Due to our control of the validity dates for the residual monomer certificates, products with expired certificates could receive a C+ rating.

Automatic email notifications will be sent to suppliers to inform about changed assessments of products. 




Arvid Linder

Arvid Linder

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